Some think their beliefs aren’t important enough to spend time with.

Therefore, the first thing we will show you is: your beliefs will impact you so much, that spending appropriate time with your beliefs pays off better than anything else you could do.

This website was designed to meet a person wherever they are at, and provide sections in the logical progression of determining what beliefs are best for you and those near you. If a person doesn’t think their beliefs will impact them much, then the thinking and investment into beliefs stops there. Which is why we start with: Section 1. Why should I care?

Once one recognizes no other choice you make will have the depth and width of impacts on you, and on those near you, then your worldview beliefs, the person might still hesitate due to the faulty ideas our culture has hooked onto recently that there is no truth, or we cannot know the truth about beliefs. Which is why we follow with: Section 2. How can I know?

Once it’s clear that truth exists, can be known, and we have a simple way to determine truth regarding different worldview beliefs, then one can have the clear motivation to move into the really interesting and fun stuff: Section 3 and 4 provide amazing information, which will literally make your brain grow. And, we get to be spectators to the fascinating interaction of the different beliefs when exposed to science, history, logic, the big questions, and all aspects of life, including: galaxies and atoms, kangaroo babies and spiders, Family Guy and Star Wars (or The Notebook for our female audience), your own life experiences, and even surviving a fall from 10,000 feet without a parachute. When the diverse range of life is applied to the different belief systems, we then know we are basing our life upon a supported, confident and informed choice.

Below are four areas where we begin exploring why you should care. We recommend trying the Epic Fail Quiz first. Next, What Am I Building My Life On? will provide very definite answers on how greatly your beliefs will impact you. Then, See Your Obituary Now will explain how you can know much of your future already. Finally, How to Buy Apple Stock Before it Exploded in Value (page not complete yet) will explain further ways this site can benefit you, and the motivation why we did all this work.

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What am I building my life on?
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