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If you would like us to bring our presentation to your conference, university, church or other venue, please encourage the decisión-makers in that organization, group, and click below for Press Kit.


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Join Us by Donation

Currently our team all has full-time jobs, and covers all costs of the ministry, without charging universities or churches for our work, in order to show our earnestness in simply wanting to get this information into people’s minds, and leading to thoughtful decisions in the most impactful foundation in life.

We could really use your help. While we have had fantastic results through diverse venues, the statistics still show about 3 out of 4 Christian students leave the church after high school, and sadly there is a growing number of people missing the only foundation able to provide reliable and lasting hope and joy. Your donations help us train more apologists, produce more video content, and reach more students and adults, either believers with faith-affirming, loss averting knowledge and answers, or non-believers with the truth of Christianity, which will add more wondrous Benefit to their lives than anything else is capable of.

The best plan is for the church to become much more fully equipped to respond to both ongoing and new challenges with wisdom and knowledge, and given in love. We have long-term research projects and plans to help churches shine strong against these challenges. Thoughtful Beliefs will be providing what the church needs, but we do not charge admission to college events, nor for any other program we offer.

Our team is just starting to grow, if this content or ministry catches your interest, heart to help, skill área, or just want to get involved, let us know. Provide name, contact information, and if you have a specific area or service you want to offer, let us know, if you can’t think of a specific area, we can find áreas to offer.

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