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1.5 Better if Olsteen only Faceplanted

Heading Towards the Epic Fails After the first two videos, I know some of you were probably waiting for some bad accident, like a something above falling down on one either Larry King or Joel Olsteen ... shame on you!

Heading Towards the Epic Fails

After the first two videos, I know some of you were probably waiting for some bad accident, like a something above falling down on one either Larry King or Joel Olsteen … shame on you!

To me, the ski or bike fails aren’t “epic,” the victims will heal within weeks, maybe months for the bike kid; I know, I have done much worse.

While Larry King & Joel Olsteen may not seem to be in a position of danger, both are standing on a position of potential epic failure, far worse than anything shown in the first two videos. Why? 

Let’s think about this: starting with Larry King. I do not know him, but let’s assume he stands on a foundation of rejecting a belief in God because he assumes it is just a matter of faith without evidence.  

King asked if Olsteen really believed “his way” or his beliefs, and Olsteen answered he does “with all my heart.” King pushed further and noted someone who doesn’t share your beliefs must be wrong then. King is right, beliefs contradicting each other cannot both be right – that’s just the Law of Contradiction. However, Olsteen seemingly wanted nothing to do with anything possibly upsetting someone else, even if it meant going against logic that he, Larry King, and all of us need to live by every day.

After he couldn’t get Olsteen to give reasonable reasons why his beliefs are accurate, or even admit contradicting belief systems are wrong, King just moved on. 

A Potential Epic Fail for Larry King?

If Larry King’s wife said, “I decided to mortgage our house and put all the finances we have into this awesome stock, I believe in it with all my heart,” would King just move on, or would he ask more substantial questions about evidence to support such an investment? Losing all his finances has a high QQP value, so he would be dangerously foolish to not dig in for better reasons. 

We need to treat our worldview investment the same way. We have watched people do this haven’t we, and ourselves too. In some areas of life it’s all about getting the evidence to ensure the most reliable decision, yet, in other areas of life, especially: relationships, politics, things we really want, and worldview beliefs – we allow emotion, wants, rationalization, avoidance, and feelings to overcome good judgment – and this is when the worst consequences find their way in.

Larry King’s show was good, but it could have been much more entertaining, and useful to us, if the interview did more than dance around real issues in life. King should have noted that Olsteen didn’t provide any good reason to accept Christianity as accurate or truth, and simply asked: “People in any belief system can claim ‘I believe it with all my heart’, so Joel, do you have any evidence to support why you believe what you do, or to give viewers like me reason to consider your belief may have something serious to offer me? After all, your entire position, recognition, following, and reason why you are on my show is based on your belief.” 

When being “Mean” is More Caring than being “Nice”

Some wouldn’t like that questioning and label it as “mean.” What makes it mean? Disagreeing with someone is allowed in life. In fact, pointing out an error in thinking (as long as it is done in a kind manner and with good motivation) is just being genuine, honest, and often a lot more caring than just letting a person stay stuck in faulty and harmful thinking. 

Ideas have consequences, as prominently displayed by 9/11. When a friend dances around why she has injuries so often, and tries to move on with a comment like, “He will be good once we have a baby around, I know it with all my heart,” then if you press the issue to arrive at the truth of the matter, it isn’t mean, but actually shows genuine concern to arrive at the safe ground of truth from which to make the best decisions. 

If King’s worldview is correct and Christianity is inaccurate (or at least cannot be supported by Olsteen), King missed the opportunity to help the thousands of viewers, who accept, or are considering Christianity, to recognize the need to better check the validity of their beliefs before facing further consequences of basing their life on an inaccurate worldview. So many people are pouring their lives and resources into Christian-founded priorities in their life, and this is tremendous waste, tragic in some situations, if the belief is wrong.

Conversely, if Olsteen did provide solid evidence, then King and the thousands of viewers who disagree with Christianity, would have reason(s) to check the validity of their beliefs before facing further consequences of basing life on an inaccurate worldview. The consequences King will face if the worldview beliefs he stands on are inaccurate, are at the limit of the QQP values as displayed in the What am I Building My Life On and See Your Obituary Now sections.

And what about Olsteen?

Olsteen seems like a nice guy, and people like him so much even making a genuine, logical, but non-positive comment about him can bring a reaction out of some people. Therefore, some may really get bent-out-of-shape by my next comment: I would much rather Olsteen took a face-plant like the bike kid as opposed to the crash-landing he did in the interview. Sounds harsh, especially to such a nice guy like Joel Olsteen, but think about it.

Olsteen was touted as a “rising star” on the show, and many will be watching to see why he believes as he does, and what reasons might he give to make one consider God further. 

Many of the viewers may believe there is nothing after life, or if there is, whatever happens depends entirely on them, if they were basically “good,” then any God would accept them. They may realize they do not have evidence for such beliefs, so watch to hear if Olsteen has anything more solid.

And if Olsteen’s worldview is true, then Jesus came to show us how serious our situation is, how much we are valued (value is determined by the cost one is willing to pay), and to be God’s path to accept and be with him, or be separated from him.

There is a serious difference in beliefs and outcomes if Olsteen’s belief is true – so what does he provide for those who are searching for answers – he gives nothing people need or want, only the “with all my heart” catch-phrase, which is empty for everyone but himself. Can you see him losing control of the bike?

The Bible is PART OF HIS worldview, and recognizes better than Olsteen does what people need to stand on when choosing what to base their life upon, and what is dangerously empty, as it states, “the heart is deceitful above all things (Jer. 17:9),” as people’s feelings frequently lead them wrong; so “prove all things; hold fast to that which is good (1 Thes. 5:21),” in order to determine what is trustworthy and what false; also, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have (I Peter 3:15).” 

Did Olsteen follow the Bible in any of this? No. Instead of providing solid reasons, science, history, etc., which he knows our culture specifically seeks, he resorts to politically-correct talk: “I do not want to judge.” Can you see Olsteen starting to go over the bike’s handlebars?

The fact of the situation is: if Olsteen’s belief, which he teaches to tens of thousands weekly, is true, then God already did judge and set the standard of Jesus, and Olsteen would not be judging, but presenting phenomenally important information, which people can consider themselves and make their own judgment. 

Olsteen was more concerned about looking good to others, than he was for caring about truth and the overall well-being of others – and went over the handle bars and face-planted. Epic failure.

Still Think I am too Harsh on Joel?

Consider a physician diagnosing a disease and recognizing the specific cure required, but instead recognizes the patient has their own ideas of cures and decides, “Well since they have a preference for something else, I don’t want to offend their thinking or pass my judgment on their personal choice,” and sends people away ignoring what they need. 

If anyone has similarly impacting information, and holds it back, then that ranges from regrettable to seriously unethical, depending on the impact. I have observed physicians telling patients options and information, which went against what the patient was comfortable believing, and was hoping was true, regarding the best plan of treatment. While some patients disregarded the physician plan, most did a bit more looking into it and found the physician had the plan with their best interests in mind. 

A reasonable person would demand the truth, and settle for nothing less than the best answers available to know how best to proceed. But many fail to apply that same logic regarding beliefs about reality, when the reality may be we are suffering from an eternal disease – epic failure. 

As noted previously, the next section will explain why the choice of worldview beliefs is as serious and impactful as it gets.


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