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Scott Symington Biography

A unique background in applied science and education leadership places Scott in a position to not only understand the toughest questions surrounding beliefs, but also turn that understanding into user-friendly and powerful answers in an exciting coverage of the biggest issues and toughest questions surrounding your beliefs.

Having received graduate degrees in both radiological physics and education leadership (graduating with highest distinction in each), Scott currently works as a medical physicist at a cancer center and adjunct physics professor, and formerly worked for over a decade teaching public school students, developing curriculum in diverse subject areas, and consistently receiving “Teacher of the Year” nominations.

Scott notes his Christian provided a foundation that never stops gracing his life with benefits, but it did not prepare him to answer all the skeptics’ questions coming through the media, friends, professors, etc. Some challenges seemed so strong, he didn’t have answers even being raised Christian, so the reality became clear: either God is not true, and his admittedly trouble-making self would certainly not waste any more time with religion, or God does exist, and finding what God exists and what relationship is expected is more important and impactful than anything else life can bring. The answers, which were easily found, and yet amazing, put Scott face-to-face with the reality of God, leading inevitably to great improvement in his daily life, relationship with God, and reliable and lasting hope and joy. And this greatest find is what further leads him to carry out God’s call on all of us to share this relationship with those around us, which is why he put so much into this work, being unable to think of people missing out on this.