Thoughtful Beliefs

The evidence is in, and from all fields of study.

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If you seek evidence, you will find it waiting for you, and such interesting things to think and talk about in the diverse areas of life. Several general areas of study are provided below.

Now is the time we take in information and evaluate the evidence to consider which worldview belief meets the standard both science, and everyday life choices, depend upon: What is the best explanation of the evidence?

These sections include fun ways to see how worldview beliefs cover the big questions of life and how evidence comes from all around us. There will be articles, activities, and media dealing with topics ranging from Kangaroo Babies to the music group Korn, from CSI to How the Universe Began, from discussing how to get a date to analyzing movies, from Ice Cube to Stephen Hawking to Jesus. Want to bet on the likelihood of surviving a fall from 10,000 feet without a parachute? Then check out the section of the Fine-Tuned Evidence!

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