Thoughtful Beliefs

Many today claim there is no truth about beliefs.

Therefore, the second thing we do is provide simple approaches anyone can use to demonstrate turth exists, and can be known. Determining what beliefs fit reality is fairly straightforward once you recognize how serious beliefs are, and the simple approach we all use naturally to determine truth.

The first resource below explains “The Truth about Truth”, and right after that we make sure you are aware of barriers so many stumble over when seeking truth in “How Stupid are We?”

The third resource focusses on a subject of interest to you – You – and “Take the Ice Cube Challenge” helps you get a firm footing, which most lack, so you can put your best foot forward as you move on.

The last resource in this section explains, using a shocking lesson from a child, “How we can know” what is true, using a simple method we have been using since childhood. From here we have a solid foundation to start examining beliefs by testing for truth using amazing evidence.