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Threeoptions remain, and interestingly, they all will remain.

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The idea that science and theology are in conflict is flawed in evidence, makes the mistake of overgeneralizing, and is overwhelmed by, and incapable of properly explaining, the agreement found when one looks in the intersection of these two universal fields of view.The Conflict model was widespread at the end of the 19thcentury in Western culture, but this idea has fallen in modern scholarship, as much of the basis the conflict thesis was founded upon was discredited as inaccurate or misrepresented, and instead, the flow, and mutual support, ofideas between the two sources of knowledge has been more the norm. Nevertheless, some forms of conflict do exist. And conflicts should exist, because there are mutually exclusive belief systems, which means wherever theologies (or any two or more belief systems) contradict, then only one belief system, at most, can be accurate to reality -the rest will have conflicts with scienceandother fields of study.

This is not a narrow-minded, or an intolerant statement, it is just reality as it follows from the Law of Non-Contradiction, which has never been contradicted.To generalize and say science conflicts with theology, and implying all belief systems have this conflict is over-reaching the scope of the examples of conflicts. We must expect conflict between science (or other valid methods of study, such as history, philosophy, etc.) and most theologies, and over time, the conflicts between science (and other fields of study) and an inaccurate belief system will show a trend of increasing, even reaching the point of disproof. This is precisely what we do see, which will be left to the reader to look into further as the subject and evidence are voluminous and will not be covered in this more focused study. Each different belief system will be covered in the website section: Get into a Fight –it Will be Good for You. What about Christian theology, which has been the focus of most of the scholarship concerning science and theology interaction? Conflict situations have in the past, do currently, and will in the future occur. While the conflicts may be the exception, the specific conflicts have to be taken into account in an interaction model that has sufficient explanatory scope. Key point: even if two sources of knowledge are valid, and show areas of agreement and mutual support, if we are not at the point of complete and accurate knowledge, or if influential-external factors are involved,which is certainly the case when people are dealing with such serious and personal concerns as theology

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