The evidence is in, and from all fields of study.

Now is the time we follow the simple approach of the basic scientific method, and evaluate the evidence to consider which worldview belief(s) meets the standard that science, and everyday life choices, depend upon – what is the best explanation of the evidence.

These sections are fun, and fill your mind with the most interesting thoughts as worldview beliefs cover the big questions in life – evidence comes from all aspects. There are articles, activities, and media, dealing with topics ranging from: kangaroo babies to the music group KornCSI to the beginning of the universe, from how to get a date to The Notebook, Ice Cube to Stephen Hawking to Jesus, and can go from really seeing your purpose in life, to laughing with, and at, Family Guy, to betting on the likelihood of surviving a fall from 10,000 feet without a parachute.

The BEGINNING Evidence
The CAUSED Evidence
The FINE-TUNED Evidence