What your Purpose is, you serve, and what you serve is your Purpose.

A relative of mine, related how a simple assignment had consumed his thoughts for weeks. This is an overall chilled-out kind-of-guy, but I’ve seen him get intense in just a few areas he viewed as essentially important, so it caught my interest.

His class assignment posed the question, “What is the purpose of your life,” seems harmless and simple. He said he went into an automatic response of “family and friends,” but something about that time in the class or time in his life made him think more. Is “family & friends” it, or is that a shallow response our culture and people just go to? Good thinking.

If you are about to stop reading because you think this question of purpose is unimportant, I will say something offensive to keep you reading: You are likely one of many who are dangerously unaware of reality, like a toddler waddling into a street.

The “purpose of life” sounds like some vague concept, which you don’t have time for as you just try to get through daily life. And that’s the problem, it’s not vague, as every day you are living your life with concrete purpose, and your daily life, as well as your overall journey through life are directly impacted by what you believe is your life’s purpose.

The street may not be busy, so it may not happen for some time, but stay unaware too long, and reality never fails to run you down. Now I don’t believe in purposefully offending anyone, and don’t really think the previous statement should offend anyone, not only because I have been the toddler in the analogy in areas of my life too, but also because I have been hit by real consequences, so the comment was made as a warning I wish someone would have given me.

And it’s more straight-forward than my relative, or you, may think in determining your purpose(s) of life.

  • The first article will show the most common options to choose from, and they are not mutually exclusive, so you may choose more than one.
  • The second article makes it even simpler, there are only two possible options for your Purpose (with a capital “P”) in life.
  • Finally, the excel sheet provided allows YOU to graph YOU, to visually see how you are guiding your life towards the Purpose(s) you say are yours.
The options for purposes in life
It’s not vague – Only 2 options
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